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OGR Pin Jaws

OGR Pin Jaws OGR Pin Jaws

OGR Pin Jaws OGR Pin JawsOGR Pin Jaws OGR Pin Jaws
Handling solutions for composite seim-finished and cured workpieces
  •   Dry composite textiles as in the RTM process
  •   Viscous thermosetting prepreg material
  •   Rigid thermoset short and long fibred materials, including SMC,BMC,and LFT
  •   Thermoplastic parts ,including organic sheets
  •   Cured semi-finished parts 

Clamping porous raw material and semi-finished products

  • Needle suction cups are suitable for save handling of long and short ,composite semi-finished peoducts and prefabricated applications;removing loose stacks from the cutting table and handling preforms,for example in the automotive  industry.
  • The composite suction cup has a built-in vacuum generator that provides a high suction rate and safe and gentle handling of the porous composite without affecting fiber orientation.Application example:Extracting workpieces from a cutting table or a preforming system,for example application in the aerospace industy.