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OFO..G Pneumatic Finger

OFO..G  Pneumatic Finger OFO..G  Pneumatic Finger
Our EOAT gripper fingers are ideal for gripping parts when vacuum cups cannot be used or when a standard gripper is impractical. Typically, robot gripper fingers are implemented at the edges of wide parts or cosmetic parts. Once in place, the robot gripper finger swings out and locks into position to grip the part’s edge. The parallel gripper fingers are an innovative product. Instead of having a finger that swings, this gripper’s finger moves in a straight, linear motion perpendicular to its body. We have a large variety of EOAT gripper fingers, tilt units, and griper finger accessories in stock, all designed to provide relief for your plastic application. Should you require any assistance while making your selection, please reach out to one of our experts for guidance and suggestions.

  • Specially  designed to open and stabilize thick edges; 
  • Usually with ANS finger guide placed behind; 
  • Pneumatic one-way ,spring return function ;   
  • The extension rod is used for lengthening ;   
  • It is fully compatible with the module gripper system.
  • With a rubber pad to protect the appearance of the product.